Readers Rota

St Margaret’s Rota of Readings & Prayers


Date & liturgical colours




29 September

Michael and all Angels


Psalm 103 19-end

Revelation 12: 7-12

John 1: 47-end

8am HC BCP

10am Team Service

6pm no Service

Reader/Sidesperson tba

Readers: tba

Intercessions: tba

Readers: n/a

Intercessions n/a

6 October


Harvest Thanksgiving



 Psalm 122


 Philippians 4: 4 -9



 John 6: 25-35

 8am HC BCP


 9.30am Holy Communion



5pm Farewell Service

Reader/Sidesperson; Ken Kirkman

Readers: Bill/Sheila Kingdon

Intercessions:  Sue Foggin

Assist with HC Sue Foggin/ Bill Kingdon


Readers: tba

Intercessions: tba

13 October


Trinity 17



 Psalm 111


 2 Kings 5: 1-3 &



 Luke 17:11-19

8am HC BCP


9.30am Morning Worship


6pm Evening Worship

Reader/: Sidesperson Ian Jones

Readers: Tracey Whitfield/ Kim Jenkins

Intercessions: Mark Whitfield


Readers: Home Group

Intercessions: Home Group

20 October


Trinity 18



Psalm 121


2 Timothy 3: 14-chapter 4verse 5


Luke 18: 1- 8

8am H/C BCP


10am Team Service


6pm Evensong

Reader/ Sidesperson: Andrew Martin

Readers tba

Intercessions: tba


Reader Carole Horne/ Pat England

Intercessions: Anne Marie Domm

27 October


Trinity 19

Bible Sunday



Psalm 119


Isaiah 45: 22-end


Luke 4: 18-24

9.30am Worship Together



6pm Holy Communion


Readers: tba

Intercessions: tba


Readers: Crystal Butler/Marcia Hinton

Intercessions: Jamie Martin

Assist with HC June Lewis

3 November


All Saints Day



 Psalm 149



 Ephesians 1: 11-end


 Luke6: 20-31

8am HC BCP



9.30am Holy Communion


6pm Rosemary Service

Reader/Sidesperson: Ken Kirkman

Readers: Alex Smith/ Kate Mitchell

Intercessions: Adam Jenkins

Assist with HC  Kate Michell/Anne Marie Domm


Readers: tba

Intercessions: tba

10 November


Remembrance Sunday

3rd Sunday Before Advent


 Psalm 17 Verse1-8


 Romans 8: 31-39


 Luke 20: 27-38

 8am HC BCP


 9.30am Remebrance Parade


 6pm Taize?

Reader/Sidesperson: Ian Jones

Readers: tba



Readers: n/a

Intercessions: n/a